Wild Habitats Inc.
is a not for profit organisation
that puts wildlife first.

Australia has an amazing diversity of wildlife and our projects aim to protect and enhance the natural environment. We want to be part of the solution in providing effective ecological restoration.


Bat Hollow

Bats need a clear runway to be able to reach the hollow entrance.

Pygmy Possum Hollow

These hollows must have a small entrance and ...

Wild Habitat Gardens

We specialise in bush gardens and areas of natural bush, keeping them weed free and enhancing habitat value for local birds, animals and landowner alike.

With relentless land clearing and the trend to larger dwellings with smaller gardens and plant palettes, native animals are in a game of musical chairs, with less trees and less food sources every day. The recent State of the Environment report highlighted a growing list of endangered species.

We aim to reverse the trend in a small way, by helping landowners enhance the value of gardens for native birds, animals and insects.

We have a combined 20 years experience in Bushcare and qualifications in Land Conservation. We offer a different and unique method of gardening services to Sydney's North Shore.

We can advise what animals visit your garden and provide practical help on how to beautify and enhance your garden for nature.

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Our Mission

We aim to enhance our natural environment and create more homes for wildlife.


View our projects

View some of our recent projects which have contributed to restoring degraded bushland and helped give our wildlife a place into the future.

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