Wild Habitats Inc.
is a not for profit organisation
that puts wildlife first.

Australia has an amazing diversity of wildlife and our projects aim to protect and enhance the natural environment. We want to be part of the solution in providing effective ecological restoration.


Bat Hollow

Bats need a clear runway to be able to reach the hollow entrance.

Pygmy Possum Hollow

These hollows must have a small entrance and ...

Natural Hollows

Our Natural Hollow projects engage an ecologist to do a fauna analysis to identify which hollows are most appropriate. We then identify suitable dead trees or stags that are both tall enough and in good enough condition to be modified. Natural hollows last considerably longer than regular nest boxes. Natural hollows are much better insulated and more inconspicuous to humans and predators alike, so native animals residents are less likely to be disturbed.

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Our Mission

We manage projects that enhance our natural environment and create more homes for wildlife.


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View some of our recent projects which have contributed to restoring degraded bushland and helped give our wildlife a place into the future.

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