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“Natural” Hollows for Wildlife in Terrumbine Reserve

Thanks to a grant from Ku-ring-gai Council we were able to install hollows at Terrumbine Reserve in Gordon Sydney.

Thanks to a grant from Ku-ring-gai Council we created new “natural” hollows for rosellas and pygmy possums in Terrumbine Reserve, Gordon.

The first step was to identify suitable dead trees or stags that were both tall enough and in good enough condition to be modified, then decide which tree was most suitable for which target species. Birds prefer clear access while mammals prefer vegetation in close proximity.

James said the wood was incredibly hard to cut. First, he took off a thick slice of tree, then carved out the hollow (dangerous work while hanging from ropes!), made a suitable access hole in the cover and finally replaced and secured it with screws. He’s been making bird and possum boxes for years and assured us these natural hollows last considerably longer than regular boxes (which are known to lose their bases and tops after a few years of service).

Natural hollows are much better insulated and more inconspicuous to humans and predators alike, so native animals residents are less likely to be disturbed. If you didn’t know they were there, you’re unlikely to notice them. We even have trouble finding our trees with natural hollows!

bat hollow


pygmy possum hollow


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