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Final Report on Provest Creek Grant

After attaining the grant we organised a Bush Regen Company Bush Habitat Restoration to begin the daunting task of starting to restore the area. After 10 visits they made an amazing start.

Through Streamwatch and Hornsby Shire Council’s Water Testing Program we also tested for water quality. This was important as we knew that Spiny Crayfish, Snake-necked turtles and Long-fin eels use the creek.

Here is the final report.

Check out our movie in infra-red of a Sugar Glider during a twilight survey

There is much work to be done and we continue to reduce the weeds and work along the riparian (creekline) area.

We are now working with Friends of Berowra Valley to run a volunteer group that will meet monthly to follow up and continue the work already done. The volunteer group meets the first Tuesday of every month 10am-12pm. If you are interested in getting involved then send an enquiry through their contact us form.

SERA Recovery Wheel After Grant Work

SERA Recovery Wheel Before Grant Work

2 replies on “Final Report on Provest Creek Grant”

I noticed recently that some work has been done at Provest Creek, did a web search and discovered your blog posts. Thanks for this project! This area is one of my local trails and I’ve always though that despite the runoff, weeds and invasive species, there is plenty of potential to help the native species. It’s great to see someone making a difference in the area.

Thanks Neil. It is a beautiful spot and dealing with all of the impacts is an interesting challenge!

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