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Diverse Ecosytem – Fauna at Provest Creek

As part of our grant we wanted to measure the fauna active at Provest Creek. We engaged the services of Cumberland Plain Regeneration to help us. They placed camera traps, took samples of leaf litter and also did a spotlight survey and multiple bird surveys. They revealed a rich ecosystem active on the edge of the Berowra Valley National Park.

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Urban Stream Syndrome and Water Sensitive Urban Design

While talking to water experts the term Urban Stream Syndrome is often mentioned when describing degraded water ways in urban areas. However, like illnesses in humans, the description of the symptoms does not really help address the underlying problem.

I decided to look into what this term really meant and what ways are being explored to try and address this problem.

Environmental Education Fauna Natural Hollows Project

Possums? Not a Problem!

Possums are an iconic Australian native animal. They are adorable, that is, until one moves into your roof.

There are two main types of possums we encounter, the ringtail possum and the brushtail possum (pictured above). The ringtail possum is smaller, quieter and is easily identified by a white tail. Normally, they make a nest from sticks, called a drey, so they are rarely a problem. The brushtail possum however can grow to the size of a cat, and is easily identified by a blackish furry tail. In the wild they live in tree hollows. In the absence of hollows, they move into manmade structures, and sound like a small horse in your roof.

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Pool to Pond

If you’ve reached that stage where the kids are too old to play in the pool and you’re tired of the constant maintenance and application of chemicals, consider turning your pool into a pond for wildlife. Our pool went from being a maintenance headache to a constant source of joy.